Introducing: The Nametag Extension

Bridging the gap between legacy social media & Web3

3 min readJul 17, 2021
Notice anything different about Twitter?

Nametag is building for Web3.

From the start, Nametag has aimed to become the universal naming service of the internet. An immutable naming service — built on blockchain, yes — but limited to blockchain, no.

We don’t think Web3 replaces Web2. Twitter doesn’t go away, it doesn’t get replaced by a new platform… it evolves.

So to become truly universal, we had a tough nut to crack: how do we bring Nametags to legacy social media?

We start by building on top of it.

Bringing your NFTs to Twitter, once and for all

This is a live screenshot of the Nametag Extension in action — not a mock-up

With the Nametag Extension, you can display NFT collections directly on your Twitter profile.

Gone are the days of having to link to a 3rd party service to show off your most prized digital assets. Nametag supports all Ethereum, Solana, and Arbitrum assets, and will continue to add more chains as they gain popularity.

The gallery configuration page on

Organize your gallery freely on the web app.

Seamless drag & drop organization allows you to easily sort & arrange your gallery, with the changes reflecting on your Twitter gallery in real time. Show off as few or as many NFTs from any chain, at your leisure! All of your NFTs finally in one place.

Use your Nametag on Twitter directly

You can connect your social accounts to your Nametag profile

Twitter is the first site we have rolled out Nametag support for via the Nametag Extension.

You will need to connect a Nametag to your Twitter account via the settings page in order to display both your Nametag and NFT gallery to other extension users. Support for more legacy social media platforms will be rolling out in the coming months.

How do I get the Nametag Extension?

The Nametag Extension is available for both Chrome & Brave. You can add it to your browser here.

I don’t have a Nametag yet. Can I use the Nametag Extension?

Yes. The Nametag extension is a passive browser extension — it requires no interaction with your ETH wallet, in any way, shape, or form. All interactions (configuring your gallery, assigning Nametags to social media accounts, etc.) will happen directly on the Nametag website as before. You can view other users’ pages with their NFT galleries and Nametags, but will need a Nametag yourself to have an NFT gallery/Nametag active on your Twitter profile.

How do I get a Nametag?

Blank Nametags are currently sold out — however, both blank & named Nametags can be found on the aftermarket via OpenSea. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord for future drop information.

To learn more about Nametag & stay up to date with project developments, join the official Discord group.