Nametag: Genesis Collection One-Time Name Change Details

All Genesis Nametags will be able to receive a one-time name change this coming Wednesday, March 30th.

2 min readMar 26, 2022

The results are in!

As seen in the snapshot vote above, an overwhelming majority of Genesis holders recently voted to allow a one-time name change opportunity for all Genesis Nametags.

This time window will occur starting on Wednesday, March 30th. The exact timing will be shared as the date draws nearer on both the official Twitter and Discord announcement channels, but expect it to likely happen in the morning EDT.

Please note: if you are participating in the Genesis name change, you must complete it during the allocated time window. Once the window closes, your chosen Nametag will become permanent.

What is the Genesis Collection?

Nametag: Genesis is a collection of the first 5,000 Nametags ever minted. Genesis Nametags are the foundation of the Nametag ecosystem, and will receive numerous benefits as the project continues along.

As of this writing, there are 26,161 total Nametags registered, only 5,000 (19%) of which are Genesis.

Genesis Benefits

  • $NT Governance Token Allocation
  • Free Airdrops/Minting for any new Nametag-related NFT drops. To start, this will include the upcoming text modulator and page skin NFTs.
  • Airdrops/whitelisting from participants in our new partnered collection program
  • Exclusive aesthetic perks for Genesis holders (Genesis page skin + Genesis badge)
  • Voting rights for project updates/partnerships (proportional to # of tokens owned)

The Nametag Genesis program will be at the forefront of Nametag’s operation going forward. This will apply to all 5,000 Genesis Nametags, regardless of if they are named or not.

There will never be any more Genesis Nametags.

You may view the Nametag: Genesis Collection here:

We are excited to share this update, and can’t wait to see what new Genesis Nametags are registered!

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