Nametag: Moving Forward

Greetings from your favorite green aliens! We’ve had quite a journey so far since our initial release, and we are excited to share more on what’s to come. The Nametag team is announcing some updates, changes, and insight around the direction that we are taking.

First and foremost, thank you to all of our existing Nametag holders. We are grateful for the wonderful community we’ve formed so far, and are committed to delivering value to our holders through & through.

Our mission is clear: become the universal naming service of the internet, while providing provable ownership of a username. This is contingent on Nametag’s ability to be easily adoptable by users everywhere; across social media platforms, web3 platforms & apps, as well as cross-chain. Given our vision, our current priorities are as followed:

- Cross-chain support (SOL & XCP)

- Aggressive pursuit of Web3 & Web2 partnerships

We’re working on and actively testing features & utilities that we feel will provide sustainable growth & substantial value to Nametag holders. Our team is currently exploring new use cases such as:

- Nametag Directory & Verification Service

- PFP verification

- SSO (Single-sign on)

Nametag holders also can leverage additional benefits such as:

- exclusive project-related giveaways

- private Nametag lounges

Improving Communications

Since the launch of Nametag, one piece of feedback has been voiced frequently from our community in regards to our communications. Ensuring that the community feels heard and also has a means of effectively engaging the Nametag team is important to us. As such, we’ve made some new hires to the Nametag team so that we can better communicate & interact with the community.

We’d like to formally introduce Christian Vazquez (@uhmQuez) as the Communications Director for Nametag. Quez is tasked with being the focal point of communications between the community, interviewers, influencers, and the Nametag team. Our goal is to provide regular updates, listen more, and make more meaningful connections with community members. This will also let the development team focus on adding more functionality to Nametag!

As stated earlier, our ultimate objective is to spur growth and adoption. We want to integrate in as many places as possible; web2, web3, and cross-chain to provide a proper universal username.

We look forward to serving the community, and we invite you to engage with us in our Discord server where you can flex your Nametag along with other owners, or simply partake in the fun with the community. Let’s keep building together.

- Nametag




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