Nametag’s Discord Tool

3 min readMay 11, 2022

(And why it’s going to change the game)

More than a bot

Creating a Discord integration always made sense for Nametag. If Twitter is the town hall for web3, then Discord is the saloon.

To make it appealing enough for adoption, the team decided that the tool would need to help create a noticeably better experience for 2 core user types in the web3 space: project owners and community members.

What is the Discord Tool?

Nametag’s Discord Tool is a new product offering that makes being a part of the web3 space easier and better, whether you’re a casual community member or kingpin project manager.

Connecting a Discord account to your Nametag profile automatically verifies & assigns proper roles (based on token holdings) across all of the Nametag-enabled servers you’re apart of.

Gone are the days of off-site captcha, and gone are the days of manually linking your wallet in server after server to receive your holder roles. With Nametag, this process becomes fully automatic.

It also introduces a new dimension to community management, allowing project owners to gain a rich insight into who truly makes up their community.

Server owners can even gate roles based on traits!

Benefits For Community Members

  • Fully passive verification & role assignment in all enabled servers
  • Far greater wallet security (attach your Discord Nametag)
  • No more having to deal with untrusted verification bots in new servers you join
  • If your Discord account is connected to your Nametag already, you don’t have to do anything further. This will automatically work in the background in your servers that have enabled it.

Benefits for Project Owners

  • Works in conjunction with all other role services (does not interfere with, etc. — it is a fully additive tool)
  • Gain access to deep analytics for all members of your server with Nametag profiles attached to their Discord account
  • Automatically manage group roles based on token holdings without using a 3rd party service
  • Gate roles based on a number of factors (including traits & total # of NFTs held)
  • Creates a better user-experience for your community members (with higher server conversion)

How do I get access to the Discord Tool for my community?

We are currently rolling out to partner projects in the space. If you would like to inquire about becoming a partner for your project, feel free to DM us on Twitter.