Product Drop: Spaces 🌌

Nametag’s new hub for your Web3 community

2 min readJun 10, 2022
Spaces page for The Sandbox

For the past year, one of Nametag’s core design focuses has been in creating tools that empower the community builders of Web3.

We’ve partnered with over 200+ projects to date, and have learned a hell of a lot about the needs and wants of creators, from a wide array of voices.

Today, we take another step in implementing what we’ve learned.

So what are Spaces?

Simply put, Spaces are a hub for your community members, metrics, and NFTs to live on — and in the Nametag style, it’s a place that smartly implements both your project’s Web3 + legacy Web2 data.

With your shiny new Spaces page, you can sift through a top-down view of holders, sorting by things such as:

  • Most Web2 Followers
  • Highest Rank (total % of x project holders that follow an account)
  • Largest Project Holdings
  • Recently Joined

Web2 Data + Web3 Data = Nice 🧠

Taking a gander at the Moonbirds Spaces page

Using Spaces to find mutual project friends

On a Spaces page, users can connect their wallet to quickly find out which of the people they follow on Twitter own a particular project, all at once.

This feature lets holders quickly scan through their profiles for other cool project interests they may have in common as well.

More to come

Spaces is a new product, and in its current iteration is a sort of “jumping off point”.

Over the coming months, Nametag will be shipping numerous new uses and features for Spaces pages, so be sure to secure a Spaces page for your project today!

A grid of some of our favorite Spaces

Want to see Pages in action?

You can check out all of the live Nametag Spaces here

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