The Nametag Founders Group

A lot of projects in the space are doing “gated” Discord groups these days. Hold the NFT in your wallet, and receive access to the group.

Pretty cool & useful, but… simple.

Enter: Nametag Founders Group

The Nametag Founders group is our version of a gated community for token holders, with a major twist:

Your username in the group is a Nametag in your wallet.

Within the Discord group, your username will be automatically set to a Nametag in your wallet

To join the Discord, you will navigate to the “Discord” tab on the Nametag website and connect your wallet to Discord via MetaMask in order to sign/verify ownership.

Located on the top right of the Nametag website

At this point, you will be prompted to choose your desired username from a list of the Nametag(s) stored in your wallet.

A bot will automatically assign you with your chosen Nametag username upon joining the group

After choosing your desired Nametag to use, a bot will invite you to the group, and then automatically restrict your “Nickname” to the Nametag from your collection you chose.

The result will be a truly unique NFT community, in which you can chat with other early adopters and show off your awesome Nametags, directly through your screen name in-chat.

If a Nametag in use leaves your wallet, you will be automatically unverified in the group. You will need to go through the verification process again to regain access and be assigned a new username.

This proof of concept is designed to illustrate a use case of Nametags as an opt-in replacement for platform usernames.

Direct Discord Link:

To learn more about Nametag & stay up to date with project developments, join the official Telegram channel here:




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