The Nametag Presale (and beyond)

A bar on the homepage will track the status of each presale wave

Presale Details:

  • The presale will consist of four separate waves
  • Each wave will consist of 2,500 Nametags, and end once sold out
  • Cost is 0.11 ETH
  • New wave release times will be announced via the official Telegram
  • Nametag ID #s will be assigned in the order in which they are minted
  • Holders of presale Nametags will receive exclusive access to the Nametag Founders Group

The purpose of the Nametag presale is to allow early adopters first dibs at securing their Nametags of choice.

The presale is a fair, open release process, and no Nametags are reserved in advance. At presale launch, every Nametag that can ever exist will still be unclaimed (though some popular ones may get snatched up pretty quickly).

Blank Nametags vs. Named Nametags

A blank Nametag alongside a named Nametag, as shown on OpenSea

During the presale, you may choose to register blank Nametags (up to 10 per transaction), or directly mint named Nametags (1 per transaction).

Blank Nametags can be named at any point by interacting with the “My Nametags” section of the Nametag website. Both blank Nametags and named Nametags are the same NFTs (just in different states of being), and can be traded and transferred, just like any other ERC-721 NFT.

Blank Nametags

Minting Blank Nametags

You’ll want to click this button to mint blanks

To mint blank Nametags, simply click on the “Mint a new Nametag” button found on the homepage.

From there, you will be prompted to choose a mint quantity between 1–10, and be able to proceed in minting your desired quantity.

Applying a Name to a Blank Nametag

Click “Assign a name” on a blank you own to name it

Blank Nametags may be minted on or purchased on the secondary market (I.e. OpenSea).

To name a blank Nametag, simply ensure it is in your selected wallet & connect to via MetaMask. Now, navigate to the “My Nametags” section of the website & select the blank in your collection that you’d like to name.

Satoshi is available? No way!

You can now enter your desired name for the Nametag, and if it’s available, assign the name by interacting with the smart contract via your MetaMask wallet. Yee-haw!

Named Nametags

Minting Named Nametags

Front and center!

To directly mint a named Nametag, simply click on the large search bar on the Nametag homepage, and search for a desired name.

“Satoshi1” must have been taken

If the name is still available, you can click “Mint and assign” and submit the transaction via MetaMask. So long as no one else receives a confirmation first while going for the same name, the Nametag will be added to your collection.

If you are trying to register a singular popular name during the presale, it may be faster to directly use this “mint & assign” option.


After the presale concludes, there will be a waiting period in which there will only exist a maximum of 10,000 Nametags in the ecosystem. This waiting period will be used for development purposes.

During the waiting period, no new Nametags will be minted. At this point, the only way to claim a new username on the network at this time will be to assign it to an unused blank.

When the waiting period concludes, Nametag will transition to an open service, and will allow for new Nametags to be minted at any time. At this point, the price to mint new Nametags will be marginal (exact rate TBD), as to allow for an open & inclusive ecosystem, geared for mass user adoption and growth.

To learn more about Nametag & stay up to date with project developments, join the official Telegram channel here:




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