What is Nametag?

2 min readJan 5, 2022

Usernames have an inherent trait that vastly limits both their current value and overall growth potential: they’re tied to single platforms.

At present, the value of a given username is fundamentally tied to the platform it exists on — and regardless of current network strength, it is hard (and risky) to bet on any web service‘s long term sticking power. Empires rise and fall, and social platforms of any type, whether it be social media, games, forums, or any other medium, are no different.

The value of a username on a given platform scales with platform growth, and diminishes with platform decay.

Meet Nametag: The Future of Usernames


Nametag is a new, opt-in second layer solution to the username problem.

Nametag is an ERC-721 project that allows users to mint, store, trade, and use uniquely-named NFTs as their universal username.

It will seamlessly allow for any platform to provide Nametag support as an opt-in service option for end users. Whenever a new service is added to the network, users will be able to display their Nametags alongside native platform handles, and view others’ Nametags as well — with each consequent opt-in user adding to the overall network effect.

Nametag allows any platform to partake in the economy of names without having to invest in new username infrastructure. It is a simple, easily implementable way for platforms to utilize NFT usernames.