Your GamerScore for the Entire Internet

3 min readNov 7, 2022

Nametag introduces a brand new achievement system that spans across social media sites, video games, apps, blockchains and more.

The brand new Achievements page on your Nametag profile

Based on your local browser data, this post has automatically detected that you spend an average of 112.354798 hours online per week.

That stat’s really impressive in itself!

But what if we could give you some sort of award to show for it?

The Twitter Whisperer Achievement

Nametag Achievements

Achievements are kinda what they sound like — awards that you (a loyal Nametag user) receive for your online accolades and adventures.

Here are a few examples of some day 1 launch achievements:

Basically, we created the Xbox GamerScore or Steam achievement system… but for the entire Internet.

Ok. I can collect some achievements on Nametag.

Why is this so cool?

Nametag achievements are 50% cool because they transcend the “platform barrier” — having achievement support for Twitter, YouTube, and ETH wallet activity as of this writing (with a LOT more data sources coming).

The other 50% coolness factor comes from something Nametag is known for: the extension.

New supported platforms are coming the the achievement system soon!

With the power of the Nametag extension, we’re overcoming the silos of yesteryear by bringing your achievements straight to the websites, apps, and games that you care about and use everyday.

With Nametag, you’ll be able to inlay different aspects of your new digital profile directly on Twitter, YouTube, Discord, with lots more to come.

Different achievements will come with different reference icons and badges, allowing any other Nametag extension user to instantly recognize you, whether it be in a Discord channel or the YouTube comments section.

Badges next to a users name as inlaid with the Nametag extension on Twitter


We’re excited for you to explore our 80+ launch achievements here, and can’t wait to share what more we have in store with this new system.

TL;DR — Achievements are a new GamerScore system for the entire Internet that live on your Nametag profile. They follow you across the sites you love with the power of love (and the Nametag extension).