Bridging the gap between legacy social media & Web3

Notice anything different about Twitter?

Nametag is building for Web3.

We’ve been working hard to bring everyone this update, and while it’s taken longer than expected, we think it was worth the wait.

From the start, Nametag has aimed to become the universal naming service of the internet. An immutable naming service — built on blockchain, yes — but limited to blockchain, no.

We don’t think Web3 replaces Web2. Twitter doesn’t go away, it doesn’t get replaced by a new platform… it evolves.

So to become truly universal, we had a tough nut to crack: how do we bring Nametags to legacy social media?

We start by building on top…

NFT tech has revolutionized countless facets of the digital economy… so why haven’t usernames changed?

Image from Nametag

Usernames are a foundational element of just about every service on the Internet. And while most of the Internet and its services have evolved at just about the speed of light, username tech at large is still very much running in the 90’s. They are the discrete digital assets that we use to identify our online selves, and are often treated as a sort of real estate; that is, they possess scarcity, demand, and therefore, value.

In fact, platform usernames are constantly sold like real estate… if real estate were contraband or illegal drugs. Platforms at large flat out disallow

Greetings from your favorite green aliens! We’ve had quite a journey so far since our initial release, and we are excited to share more on what’s to come. The Nametag team is announcing some updates, changes, and insight around the direction that we are taking.

First and foremost, thank you to all of our existing Nametag holders. We are grateful for the wonderful community we’ve formed so far, and are committed to delivering value to our holders through & through.

Our mission is clear: become the universal naming service of the internet, while providing provable ownership of a username. This…


All we can say is… Wow!

We sold out in an unprecedented 38 minutes.

2,500 Nametags were sold to over 520 unique addresses.

When we announced the first wave of our presale, we didn’t know how things would go down.

Maybe we’d sell a few hundred Nametags the first day, and then slowly word would spread around & eventually more and more people would learn about the project.

But, we sold out, and we sold out fast.

Time for the fun part.

Development Priorities

Now that we’ve sold out, the development team is working around the clock so that we can deliver some great, quick wins to the Nametag community.

The Nametag Marketplace

We are currently integrating a marketplace directly into…

A proof of concept community with a twist

A lot of projects in the space are doing “gated” Discord groups these days. Hold the NFT in your wallet, and receive access to the group.

Pretty cool & useful, but… simple.

Enter: Nametag Founders Group

The Nametag Founders group is our version of a gated community for token holders, with a major twist:

Your username in the group is a Nametag in your wallet.

A bar on the homepage will track the status of each presale wave

Presale Details:

  • The presale will consist of four separate waves
  • Each wave will consist of 2,500 Nametags, and end once sold out
  • Cost is 0.11 ETH
  • New wave release times will be announced via the official Telegram
  • Nametag ID #s will be assigned in the order in which they are minted
  • Holders of presale Nametags will receive exclusive access to the Nametag Founders Group

The purpose of the Nametag presale is to allow early adopters first dibs at securing their Nametags of choice.

The presale is a fair, open release process, and no Nametags are reserved in advance. At presale launch, every…

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